1RM Calculator

Access the 1RM Calculator by adding an exercise to a workout, opening the workout sets editor, and opening the “More” menu in the bottom right.

1RM means “One-rep max” - the highest weight one can do for 1 rep. This value can be estimated from higher reps - for example if you can do 225lb x 5, it estimates that you can do 253lb for 1 rep.

1RM Calculator

Workout Sets "More" Menu

The 1RM calculator estimates the 1RM, 2RM, 3RM and so on for a given weight and reps.

The calculator loads the last recorded set for this exercise and workout by default.

Note that 1RM calculations become less accurate, the higher the number of reps. This is a general limitation of estimating 1RM, and not a software limitation. Any estimate based on a weight x reps with reps more than 10 is likely to be a bit wrong, so please take usual care in working up to a 1RM to find your personal true 1RM.