Apple Health Workout sync behaves differently if you have the FitNotes Apple Watch app installed or not. Use this guide to configure the app settings to match what you want to do.

If you want to delete synced workout data without deleting the workout in FitNotes, delete it from the Apple Health app.

A. I want to sync workouts to Apple Health

A1. I have an Apple Watch

  1. Ensure that Apple Health has the Workout sync permission for FitNotes 2A. In the FitNotes watch app, swipe right to open the left panel and tap “Start Workout”, or 2B. Turn on “Start Workout on Watch”. When you tap the first set complete in your workout on either the phone or the watch, an Apple Health Workout will start on the watch.
  2. Tap “End Workout” in the FitNotes watch app at the bottom of the workout set list or on the left workout status panel to finish the workout and sync it to Apple Health

A2. I do not have an Apple Watch

  1. Make sure that FitNotes has the Workout sync permission in Apple Health
  2. Set a start time and a stop time for a workout and it will sync to Apple Health 2b. Turn on “Auto Track Workout Time” to have the start and stop time set automatically when you mark the first and last set complete in your workout. If you are using “Auto Mark Sets Complete” you must end the workout manually from the Workout Timer screen.

If you want to sync old workouts to Apple Health, in the workout timer screen, tap “Resync All Workouts to HealthKit”. This will sync all completed workouts (those with start and stop time set) to Apple Health, that were completed before FitNotes added the sync feature.

B. I do not want to sync workouts to Apple Health

B1. I want to use the FitNotes Apple Watch app

  1. Deny the Workout sync permission to FitNotes in the Apple Health app.
  2. Turn off “Start Workout on Watch”

Note: if you do not use the Apple Workout feature on the watch, the watch app cannot stay open. You will have to open it frequently. This is a limitation of Apple Watch / WatchOS.

B2. I do not want to or cannot use the FitNotes Apple Watch app

  1. If you have a watch, uninstall the FitNotes App, or turn off “Start Workout on Watch”
  2. Deny the Workout sync permission to FitNotes in the Apple Health app.

Other Questions

I want to change the workout type of an Apple Workout

The Apple Workout type is usually “Traditional Strength Training” in FitNotes. When you start a live workout on the Watch, or you sync a phone workout with the timer, the most common “exercise type” is used to determine the type of your workout.

For phone workout sync with the timer, you can change the “HKWorkout Activity Type” before you sync the workout by finishing the timer.

You can change the HKWorkout Activity Type per exercise.

This is useful if you do something such as a single workout of running, you would want that to sync as a Running workout, not a Traditional Strength Training workout.

If you have a mixed workout such as some strength training followed by a bit of cardio, the workout is going to be synced as Traditional Strength Training, the workout can’t have multiple types. If you use the watch, you can start and stop the workout while you do strength training, and then use Apple’s Workout app on the watch to record a separate explicit Running session or something similar.