Plate Calculator

The Plate Calculator shows you which plates to put on the bar for a given weight.

You can set up multiple profiles, this is useful if you train in different gyms that have different equipment.

Each profile can have multiple barbells, if you use different types of barbells of different weights.

The plate calculator weight loads with the last workout set that you did.

Plate Calculator

Editing Profiles, Barbells, Plates

Tap “Edit” at the top. This opens the Plate Calculator Profiles screen.

Plate Calculator Profiles

In here, you can reorder profiles to change which is the default. Grab the 3 vertical lines icon after the profile name to drag it around. You can change the default profile for a specific exercise in the exercise settings.

To edit a profile, tap it.

To add a profile, tap “Add Profile” at the bottom.

Plate Calculator Profile Editor

Here you can add, remove and reorder barbells. The first barbell in the list is the default. You can change the default barbell for a specific exercise in the exercise settings.

You can add, edit or remove plates here. Plates are counted per-plate, NOT per-pair. So, if you have a pair of 45lb plates, put “2” for the “Count” value.

You can also access the profile editor from the profile and barbell chooser in the main calculator screen.