How to Migrate from Other Apps to FitNotes iOS

To migrate from other apps, create a CSV export in that app, mail it to yourself or save it to Files, then open it with FitNotes using the Share menu.

Supported Apps

  • FitNotes on Android
  • Strong
  • FitBod
  • IronGAINS
  • HeavySet
  • Hevy
  • Liftin
  • WeightFit (body weight data)
  • the other FitNotes on iOS


CSVs from some apps are limited in information and you may have to specify the measurement units used in the file. If you make a mistake, you can undo it from in the Settings -> Advanced menu.

You can import multiple CSVs; if there is already a workout in the app database for a date in the CSV, it will be skipped, but others will be added.

CSVs from some apps have varying formats or corrupted data, so if you have any trouble, please contact us with your CSV file so we can fix it or accommodate it in our app.


If you would like us to support import for the data you have, send us an email with the data to [email protected].

FitNotes iOS CSV Format

The FitNotes iOS CSV header column must be:

["Date", "Exercise", "Category", "Weight (kg)", "Weight (lbs)", "Reps", "Distance", "Distance Unit", "Time", "Notes", "Kind"]
  • Date must be in YYYY-mm-dd format, for example 2001-01-30. Dates MUST be in ascending order. Sets for an exercise in a workout must be grouped together.
  • Exercise is the name of the exercise
  • Category is the category of the exercise
  • Weight (kg) is the weight in kilograms. Do not use more than 2 decimal places, e.g. 2.25.
  • Weight (lbs) is the weight in pounds. Do not use more than 2 decimal places, e.g. 2.25.
  • Reps is the number of reps
  • Distance is amount of distance for distance-based exercises. Do not use more than 2 decimal places, e.g. 2.25.
  • Distance Unit is the unit of distance. Valid values are m, km, cm, in, ft, yd, mi.
  • Time is the time of a time-based exercise. The format is HH:MM:ss, e.g. 01:01:01, if including hours. If not including hours, you can omit them, e.g. 23:59.
  • Notes are any notes to add to the workout set.
  • Kind is the exercise kind, which is a combination of weight, reps, distance and time. Use the letters w, r, d and t to specify them. For example, a “weight and reps” kind is wr.