Body Tracker

The Body Tracker is for recording your body-related measurements such as weight, body fat percentage and waist size.

You can create any measurement you want to track it.

Graphs display your results.

Body Tracker

Add a Measurement

Tap on one of the measurement types to add a new measurement. These will be displayed in the charts and history. You can attach a note to these.

Add a Measurement Type

Tap + at the top to create a new measurement type.

Edit Measurement Types

Tap “Edit” at the top, then tap a measurement type to edit it. You can change the name, unit and HealthKit sync property.

The “Show In Workout” option will display the measurement at the top of every workout. It will show the last value recorded that same day of the workout. You can tap on it to reach the chart and “Add Entry” form more quickly.


Body Tracker Graph

The numbers labeled in the photo are:

  1. Change Measurement
  2. Change time range
  3. Info area, tap here to edit the measurement or see other measurements from that day.

Use slide scrolling and pinch zoom to manipulate the chart range.


Body Tracker History

This is a sequential list of all measurements you’ve made. You can filter them by measurement type with the button at the top. Tap a measurement to edit or delete it. You can also use swipe-to-delete to delete it quicker.

Apple HealthKit Sync

When you first open the body tracker, you may be asked which measurements you want to sync with Apple HealthKit. You can enable or disable whichever you want.

Syncing goes two ways: FitNotes can retrieve data from HealthKit, and it can send data to HealthKit. You don’t have to enable both.

You can change your HealthKit permissions through your main phone settings, not through FitNotes.

For individual measurements, you can edit them to change which HealthKit property they sync with. Only one measurement can be assigned to a HealthKit property at a time, and they must have similar units, for example syncing to HealthKit Body Weight requires a measurement with lbs, kg, oz or g units.

If you wish to stop syncing a measurement, you can unassign the HealthKit property in the measurement edit form.

Body Tracker Edit Measurement

If you wish to remove FitNotes data from HealthKit, disable sync in your phone’s settings, and in the Apple Health app, find the data from FitNotes and you can remove it all there.